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Ex Instagram boyfriend RiceGum makes wild claims ..

American model and TikTok star Abby Rao, cofounder of the Clubhouse is predominantly known for sharing a range of modeling shots in swimwear and beachwear.

Born in New Orleans and reportedly aged 24 from an early childhood she was interested in lifestyle and fashion, whilst a trained cosmetologist she started posting modeling shots onto Instagram in August of 2017 quickly became a star with earnings shooting to a reputed $300,000-$400,000.

Now an ambassador for Fashion Nova she has over 2.3million followers on her Instagram account and 190,000 on her Twitter account and recently found her way onto the cherished pages of

While researching Abby we came across a press a story of her messy breakup with now ex RiceGum’s a YouTuber who’s real name is Bryan Quang Le, which made us look twice. According to HollywoodMask the pair started dating in late 2018 but following the collapse of their breakup the stars took to Twitter to vent their dirty laundry, with RiceGum claiming he “owns” a percentage of her.

Whilst he didn’t mean physically it is alleged that during the relationship Abby agreed that RiceGum was entitled to a percentage of her earnings post-breakup and it seems that RiceGum now wants to collect! As you would expect Abby was quick to respond to the accusation claiming that RiceGum had misled her and the document she thought she was signing was an NDA.

Whatever the truth, this saga looks set to continue so watch this space…

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