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Many followers of our private groups Girls Definitely in Control will know that as a brand we do not promote anything sexual degrading against women however in the eyes of Facebook sharing images of models in bikini and underwear shots are deemed as such and because of this last week after 4 years of building a private online group with over 30,000 (made up of 23,000 members + 7,000 follower), Facebook pulled the plug and deleted the group with no warning whatsoever.

The reason well as our many members will know we have become a target for Facebook's inconsistent and outdated "Community Standards Rule" and whilst it deems it OK to promote hate speech, bullying, animals being tortured or beaten to death, violence and many other criminal activities, it seems that seeing a woman in her lingerie or in a series of Bikini or swimwear shots is offensive... REALLY!!!

Facebook in it's wisdom believes that any image of a women not covered from head to toe is inherently sexual and therefore has for many months now been removing images from our daily stream and banning administrators for posting such images.

Here is an image that Facebook declared as offensive - Does this seem offensive to you?

Our group whilst not large in comparison to some groups was a private members groups, not open to members of the public so members within it had joined specifically because they wanted to view the daily images of models we posted and whilst we found Facebook's nudity rule difficult to comprehend if its rules where consistent across the whole platform then maybe we could understand there reasons for closing the account but it is not for instance one of our admins would post an image and then several days later another admin would re-share that same image and then get banned. How is this even possible and who is even enforcing these rules because if it is an algorithm as Facebook claims it sucks!

Also if you were to have compared our site to thousands of others across the platform you would have seen that we had always been tasteful and respectful of women as opposed to hundreds of other groups and pages that frankly displayed porn, showing genitalia and sexual acts yet Facebook ignored them.


Well in the first instance we have never engaged in or paid for sponsored adverts and through sheer hard work managed to amass a following of over 30,000. Secondly, and probably the most important factor many of these followers would migrate from Facebook to our site and we believe Facebook hated the fact that we were able to promote our brand across there site without paying for it.

As a brand the deletion of our Facebook page has caused us some problems but we will not be defeated by this over glorified social media bully, it has had it's time. Many years ago it was a great online platform for both business and personal use now its a cyber mine field full of trolls and bullies, spreading misinformation and fake news.

We are sure Facebook will delete this post from it's site as it has already deleted our group and one of our admins accounts but thankfully there are other social media platforms out there so if you are reading this please feel free to visit our site at: or our own online groups: Little Black Book and Raunchy where image are no not censored.

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